Today is the official launch of!

Contributors are Pagans from a variety of backgrounds, but all of whom have adopted a naturalistic approach to our spirituality. We celebrate the natural world, cultivate personal relationships to the land, and follow to the scientific method. We embrace explanations of the world that rely on natural causes rather than supernatural ones, and we practice a healthy skepticism towards such topics as deities, spirits, and magic.

While we may differ from many other Pagans in our attitude toward the supernatural, we are another one of the many varied and vibrant Pagan paths under the Pagan umbrella. We invite all Pagans to join us in our efforts to use evidence-based solutions to create a just, healthy and sustainable world for future generations.

Current contributors to Natural Pagans include Mark Green, Lupa, Rua Lupa, Dr. Jon Cleland Host, Bart Everson, and myself.  If you are a naturalistic Pagan interested in joining us, please contact b [at] rox [dot] com.

Thanks to Bart Everson for the site design and administration and to Rua Lupa for the design of the rotating banners.


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