Help Wanted: Patheos Pagan Writers

Patheos Pagan recently had a number of positions open up for writers.

New writers must be willing to:

  1. Associate indirectly with anti-LGBT organizations.
  1. Refrain from criticizing Patheos for those associations or any other reason.
  1. Defend Patheos’ censorship of other Pagan writers.
  1. Give Patheos a perpetual license to use your work in any way they see fit.
  1. Forever relinquish all control of your work.
  1. Allow your corporate masters to edit your writing.
  1. Tolerate reminders of your insignificance because you are not a revenue generator for the corporation.
  1. Have the value of your writing determined by the number of people who are tricked by clickbait titles and images.
  1. Have your writing appear alongside ads for weight loss products and the Mormon church.
  1. Accept all this in exchange for an effective wage of less than $1/hour.

Radicals need not apply.

Interested writers should contact Jeremy McGee at (757) 228-1722.

This post is in response to Patheos stating that they will release the backup of my site to me “when John stops attacking Patheos”.

3 thoughts on “Help Wanted: Patheos Pagan Writers

Add yours

  1. I’ve noticed recently that Patheos has added this annoying pop-up asking me to turn off my ad blocker. I’ve done that for some sites but I have no intention of doing that for Patheos until I absolutely have to. Patheos for some reason cannot match ads to content. While I realize that there might not be a lot of pagan directed ad content you think they might realize that someone checking out a Pagan or progressive Christian blog is probably not going to click a join-the-Mormon-church ad. And don’t even get me started on the vulgar ads – you’d think a site about religion might know better.

    But in that I guess Patheos is like most online media. One of my favorite Slacktivist post was an essay about how newspaper make you set up an account, asking a lot of intrusive questions, but then proceeds to show everyone the same ads.

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