12 Reasons Why I Wish I Could Quit the Mormon Church All Over Again

I left the Mormon church almost two decades ago.  My reasons were primarily theological, though the church’s misogynistic, racist, and homophobic policies were part of it too.

Since leaving, I’ve continued to keep my eye on the Mormon church–which has been in the national news more and more, usually because of its misogynistic, racist, and homophobic policies.

In fact, quite a lot of Mormon B.S. has piled up in the years since my left.  So much so, I wish I could leave the Mormon church all over again.  This time, these would be my top 12 reasons.

1. The Mormon Church has covered up sex abuse by its leaders …

Mormon leaders knew of two alleged victims of former Missionary Training Center president in 2010

MormonLeaks Releases Audio of Former Mormon Mission President Admitting to Inappropriate Interactions with Women

…  and then tried to silence one of the women who came forward.

Woman who accused former MTC president of rape confronts his LDS Church ward in Arizona

2. Mormon church leaders routinely ask sexually explicit questions of minors …

… and then punished one bishop who went on a hunger strike to change the practice.

Former LDS bishop who staged hunger strike over youth interviews wants to keep his Mormon membership but faces possible excommunication

Mormon Bishop Sam Young Facing Excommunication for Wanting to Stop Sexually Explicit Interviews of Children

Hunger striking former bishop faces excommunication for Protect LDS Children movement

3. The Mormon church excommunicated the leader of the Ordain Women movement calling for gender equality.

The Evolution of Mormon Feminism

Where Mormon Feminists Stand A Year After Kate Kelly’s Excommunication

Hi, I’m Kate


4. The Mormon Church fosters rape culture.

BYU students say victims of sexual assault are targeted by Honor Code

A Friend Gave Me Date Rape Drugs, And I Got Pregnant. My Church Told Me To Repent.

‘I thought I was the only one’: BYU protesters say they’ve been shamed by Honor Code practices, demand change

Schools decision to refuse girls right to say no if boys ask them to dance, challenged by pupil’s parent

Utah Cheerleaders Feel ‘Body Shamed’ After Male Classmate Complains That Their Skirts Led to ‘Impure’ Thoughts

5. The Mormon Church encourages women to internalize sexism.

Utah is the second-most sexist state, researchers say — and women’s internalized sexism appears to play a unique role here

If We Don’t Feel Oppressed, Are We?

The Mormon Church Made Me Hate Myself

Ask Mormon Girl: Why do we not talk about Heavenly Mother?

Women can see, but not attend, Mormon priesthood session

6.  Mormon church leaders routinely cover up domestic violence.

The Mormon Church Has A Domestic Violence Problem

Rob Porter, and Mormonism’s #MeToo Moment

7.  The Mormon Church punishes children of LGBT parents …

Mormon Church Punishes Children of LGBT Parents for Parents’ ‘Transgressions’

Why the Mormon Church Leaders Still Don’t Get It

About 1,500 Mormons resign from church in protest of same-sex policy

New Mormon LGBT Policy: Putting Already Vulnerable Youth at Even Greater Suicide Risk?

… and tried to silence a 12 year-old girl who came out to her congregation as lesbian.

A 12-Year-Old Came Out to Her Mormon Church. Then Her Mike Was Cut Off.

WE Does Not Include YOU

Courageous 12-Year-Old Mormon Girl Comes Out As Gay In Front Of Her Entire Church

8. The Mormon Church continues to maintain its homophobic policies.

Supreme Court Decision Will Not Alter Doctrine on Marriage

Mormons Tipped Scale in Ban on Gay Marriage

Mormon Church to be fined by state political commission over Proposition 8

8: The Mormon Proposition

Mormon Leader: ‘There Are No Homosexual Members Of The Church’

9. The Mormon Church continues to fail to own up to its racist past (and present).

The Mormon Church Disavows Its Racist Past But Still Offers No Apology

10. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performed at Trump’s inauguration over protest.

Mormons Petition To Stop Tabernacle Choir From Singing At Trump’s Inauguration

Singer resigns from Mormon Tabernacle Choir, says she ‘could never look myself in the mirror again’ if she performed for Trump

11. The Mormon Church leaders have shown themselves to be incapable of introspection as to why their own policies contribute to disaffection from the Mormon church.

How the LDS Quorum of Twelve Apostles Think – Enemies List and “Area Business Weekends”

12. The Mormon church spent more on a megamall ($1.5 billion) than it did in 26 years of humanitarian aid …

… The Mormon church pays only 0.7% of its annual income to charity. (For comparison, the United Methodist Church gives about 29% of its income.) …

How the Mormons Make Money

Thus Saith the Lord: Let’s Go Shopping!

CES Letter: Church Finances

… Meanwhile, the Mormon church requires all members (including those in developing countries) to pay 10% of their income to the church and promises them God will take care of their rent and utilities. …

Top Mormon leader tells a crowd in Africa that tithing will break the cycle of poverty

CES Letter: Church Finances

… The Mormon Church receives $5-$8 billion in annual tithing receipts, but keeps its books closed, even to the members of the church. It also pays no taxes on billions of dollars in investment income.

(Note: These links represent a fraction of the information available. If you want more, use Google. It’s all right there. They who have eyes to see, let them see.)

11 thoughts on “12 Reasons Why I Wish I Could Quit the Mormon Church All Over Again

Add yours

  1. They’re a rotten outfit, all right. I lived with Mormon foster parents for a couple of years, and the combination of bigotry and saccharine “niceness” was almost unbearable.

  2. You say that you don’t care for the Mormons, but do you still believe in “God”? I left the LDS Church years ago, but now I realize that the entire Christ resurrection story is a scam. How do you feel about that? GROG

    1. I actually left the Mormon church, largely, because I had come to believe that the Mormon doctrine of the Atonement was incomplete. I had been reading some Christian theology and had realized that I had never really experienced what Mormons call the Atonement, the saving power of Christ, and I concluded that Mormons don’t really understand grace. After I left the LDS Church I still considered myself Christian and I went in search of the experience of salvation.

      After not too long, I had the experience I was looking for. The curious thing was, as soon as I felt released from the guilt I had been carrying around for years, I no longer felt the need to maintain a relationship with Christ or Christianity. After a while, I decided that, while Jesus was a historical figure, he was just one example of a Christ figure, someone who manifested the grace of God for the rest of us, and there were probably others. Then I decided Christ was an archetype which we carry around inside of us. Eventually, I stopped believing in a transcendent God altogether.

      The “God” I believe in now is an archetype that we carry inside of us and which connects us with that which transcends us–nature, the human (and more-than-human) community, and our deepest self.

      1. I was, sort of in the Church. The one and only, as they like to say. Well, I finally asked the LDS Church to take my name off of the members list. My greatest relief was when I finally realized that it is a total scam, not just Joe Smith, but the whole bit of sin, salvation, resurrection, eternal life, etc.,etc! It sounds crazy, but this has been going on since the early 100’s. It appears to be the perfect scam. There is only one life, live it as well as possible. GROG

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