On Sale Now: “Another End of the World is Possible” by John Halstead

I’m happy to announce that my little collection of essays, Another End of the World is Possible, is now available for sale in print and e-book. All proceeds from the sale will go to Gods & Radicals Press/A Beautiful Resistance.

Below is the blurb from the back of the book …

“What will it take for human beings to change? I think, maybe, it would take dying. Maybe the only way we could experience a conversion to a biocentric way of life is if we believed—if we really knew—that we were going to die.Maybe radical love is only possible when we give up hope for ourselves.”

In these essays, author and activist, John Halstead, takes us from a 2016 environmental protest at a Midwestern tar sands refinery to a mid-20th century Mexican cornfield stricken with blight to a bloody sacrifice to the Mother Goddess in ancient Rome, and from ancient pagan myths to the latest superhero movies to speculative fiction about a biocentric community of the future. In so doing, he explores the intersection of climate change and capitalism, hope and despair, death and denial, hubris and hero myths, love and limitations, popular culture and storytelling, and what it would really mean for our relationship with the natural world if wewere to admit that we are doomed.

The timing of the publication is unplanned, but auspicious. It coincides with Lughnasadh, August 1st, which seems appropriate, since the book closes with these words from Robinson Jeffers:

“… But this is only the August thunder of the age, not the November …”

Get the print book here and the e-book here.

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