You’re Welcome Patheos

In spite of everything, it seems I’m still driving at least some of the conversation at, and hence making money for, Patheos (and their advertisers).

Here’s a clipping from today’s email from Patheos Pagan … mostly, it seems, in response to my article “Literal Gods are for the Literal Minded: Re-Enchanting Polytheism” …

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My Gods are Real and Independent Beings

To say the Gods are independent is to say They do not rely on our existence for Their existence. They are sovereign beings, They are…

Deity As A River

The gods themselves are a paradox. One of the things that has always intrigued me is the evolution of a god. We see throughout ancient…

by Mat Auryn | FOR PUCK’S SAKE
Ancient Goddess Origins

We need to know how to create spells to subvert the dominant paradigm, to weave magic into the world.

Magick & Deity are Two of the Foundations of Modern Paganism

The exact start date of Modern Paganism, might be up for debate, but not the presence of magick and deity in its origins. We don’t…

by Jason Mankey | RAISE THE HORNS
Knowing the Gods Are Real is Not What Makes Them Real

Expanding our understanding of reality beyond the literal is a good and necessary thing. Interconnections are how we know something is real, as opposed to…

by John Beckett | JOHN BECKETT


And here’s another clipping from the “Best of Patheos Pagan May 2007” email … mostly, it seems, in response to my article “Why Contemporary Paganism Deserves to Die” …

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I’m an Armchair Pagan

You don’t do rituals, you don’t praise the Gods (or equivalent), you don’t really do anything. Your religion is more about belief than about action….

Paganism Is Evolving, Not Dying

Paganism isn’t one thing – it’s a movement that contains many religions, proto-religions, and spiritualities. Even as parts of Paganism are dying, new parts are…

by John Beckett | JOHN BECKETT
The Witch’s Guide to Etiquette: Avoiding Witch Wars

Witch Etiquette: 8 handy rules to keep your cloak clean and your broom flying high.

by Laura Tempest Zakroff | A MODERN TRADITIONAL WITCH
Pagan Cannibalism

Paganism has a problem and it isn’t that it’s dying. Paganism has given rise to cannibalism in various forms. Is Paganism dying? It may certainly…

by Mat Auryn | FOR PUCK’S SAKE
Paganism Is Mostly Fine: The End is Not Near

Did you get the memo that Paganism is dying? I didn’t either, but it’s a notice that goes out every once in awhile or when…

by Jason Mankey | RAISE THE HORNS


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