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I’ve started a new blog,  It’s a place where I’m going to be writing about activism and about spirituality broadly, without specific reference to Paganism.  The site takes its name from a quote by Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel.

If there is one thing that captures popular understanding of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., it’s an image from Selma, 1965. Rev. King links arms with a line of activists that includes Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, a shoulder’s breadth away, on their historic march to Montgomery. Heschel’s comments afterward have taken on a similarly iconic status:

“I felt my feet were praying.”

I hope eventually to invite other spiritual activists to write on the site.

For a while, I’ll be cross posting here.  I’ll continue to write about Pagany things here though.

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  1. I liked this John. My activation is speaking, teaching, writing that “God” of many names is a combined masculine/feminine energy just as is nature. In some ways I’m a pagan in that I’m very earth centered–I guess one could say an eco-pagan; in other ways not. The liturgy of “church” allows my deep spiritual nature to evolve and teach. I, and my husband, are priests in an Independent Catholic Church (not affiliated with Rome) who bless in the name of God Father/Mother. I am a mystic, a psychic, and a healer. Many years ago, I received the message to stop manning (or womaning) the barricades and change the world one person at a time. It’s a slow process but effective. If you ever want me to write something for you, let me know.

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